‘Hibernation’ was refreshing…it’s almost on to ‘spring’

One of many animals that hibernate...we've got tons of gophers here at the farm.

One of many animals that hibernate…we’ve got tons of gophers here at the farm.

I’m alive!

Seriously, though, even I could hear the cricket chirps coming from this blog.

I have been in a continuous cycle of writing and reflecting, but only a select group of people and I have been privy to my writing.  My master’s classes in Professional Development are nearing completion (only seven weeks to go!) and I feel like… a gopher, maybe (otherwise known as a Richardson Ground Squirrel).

The analogy begins with any hibernating animal.  Why hibernation?  For these animals, it’s a matter of survival.

  • weather changes are drastic
  • food is scarce

Check out 10 Animals That Hibernate if you’re curious.

I am like a wood frog.  My heart (for teaching) has in some ways gone back into action following this university hibernation.

I am like a deer mouse.  Their hibernation is called torpor, where they hibernate during the day with other deer mice and spend their nights in their regular pursuits.  My university hibernation had a reverse schedule.

I am like a gopher.  They apparently have awesome tunnels built with all the amenities (including bathrooms) and are said to go into hibernation “as a response to a change in their blood” (Conservation Institute, 2015).  I have spent many an hour studying in the comfy chair by our wood-burning fireplace.  And I felt compelled to do this work in order to do my coaching well.

This bear looks well-rested.

This bear looks well-rested.

I am like a bear.  Their hibernation is also more like a torpor, and they are easily woken.  During my university torpor, I was constantly being awakened to connections between my coaching and my course work.  I was able to focus on both because each helped the other.

Like all of these animals, I focused on the essentials during my university hibernation or torpor.  I worked hard.  I cared for our family.  I read. I wrote.  I slept.  And I did it all over and over again for the past 18 months.  No room for extras, like blogging.

Spring is springing around here, friends.  I’m feeling it.

And I can’t wait to move from this life-giving survival period into the new spring of my life.