Being Connected: Shared Moments of Joy


Have you ever seen a new mama cat with her kitties?

Ever since those kitties were born, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I find such joy in the joy of others.  What a gift to feel connected with others and have the opportunity to share in their experiences of joy.

My heart smiles when

… Ozbee purrs contentedly, her paw reaching out to snuggle in a kitty whom I’ve had the chance to admire up close.

… Curtis sends me pictures of our recently-acquired farm equipment and notes with pride that we might be catching up.

… Clayton recounts the story of how the head coach of an excellent football camp recognized him at practice.

… Anthony reads me excerpts from Calvin and Hobbes, chortling (and yes, that’s the best word) over how crazy they are. (“I’m inferring that, Mom!”)

… Buddy  rips around in the field after gophers and then lays peacefully in the cool grass to have a snooze.

… Amy sends me photos of our baby nephew and their new house.

I hear the good news of home renos being tackled, of a young man I know being drafted into the WHL, of enjoying a moment under a beer cloud with good friends…I am so grateful to be connected and for the joy that brings.

When I coach, it is a process of becoming connected with others.  It’s a connection that evolves and can be transformative.  I am a small part of something very significant, like a drop of water that makes its way to the ocean.

As a coach, my heart smiles when colleagues

… take an idea and run with it.

… experiment with what they know.

… honestly reflect and keep reflecting.

… see me after our time working together and excitedly say, “Dubiel! I have got to tell you what we’ve been up to!”

Catching these glimpses of joy in the vastness of my world is helping me to stay connected and grounded and thankful.

What might be the little moments of other’s joy that make you smile?

buddy   harrowing


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