Exhaustion. Where’s the ‘pause’ button?

I am about to outline a scenario that many people may relate to in some manner.

So… kids to read with. Dishes to do. Meals to plan. Laundry to wash. Dirty floors.  Dirty sheets.  Dirty bathroom.  Shower time.  Soccer practice. Cub meeting. Swimming lesson. Science fair. Crop seeding. Crop spraying. Basement flooded.  Measurements wrong.  Confront engineers.  Plan refund.  Too much rain.  No spraying.  Finish editing criteria.  Finish papers.  Do the dishes.  Plan the meals.  Rinse.  Repeat.

I’m tired.

I went to the superannuation banquet of two colleagues and had a lovely time visiting and enjoying company.   I invited company over and had a lovely time visiting and enjoying company.  It’s 10:45, company leaves, and I’m asked about where the septic drain should be at our new house.  What???  Seriously???

Sometimes I wish there was a ‘pause’ switch.  Not an ‘off’ switch.  I have too much to be thankful for to turn it off.  Just a pause…from random questions, genuine enthusiasm, forced enthusiasm, cooking, cleaning, planning, organizing, smiling, chastising, consoling, supporting.  Pick a role.  I’m tired.  I need a ‘pause’ switch.

Being a teacher and a mom and a wife is a great combination most days.  It’s when all the excess piles up that’s hard.

Today is an excess day.

I am merely venting here.  I would trade very, very little about my circumstances.  Life is full and joyful and hopeful during most hours of every day.  Sometimes a ‘pause’ button would just help me regain perspective.

When have you needed a ‘pause’ button lately?


2 thoughts on “Exhaustion. Where’s the ‘pause’ button?

  1. This too shall pass…love you! XO. Mom

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  2. I, too, have needed a pause button lately. When work and home get stressful at the same time. When the to do list never pauses. When life moves too fast!

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