My Top Choices for #EdBlogs2013

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My blogging journey began this year.  I have since discovered some excellent blogs that inspire me in my professional and personal life.  And since Eric Saibel (@esaibel) threw the gauntlet for writing a blog post about my favourite #EdBlogs2013, I am going to do just that.  Nothing like leaving it to the final hour!

These are in no particular order as I enjoy all of them.

Dan Rockwell’s Leadershipfreak blog – these are short (300 words-or-less) posts that synthesize key ideas around effective leadership.  This applies to all aspects of my life.  One of my favourite posts was The Five Freedoms of Gratitude.

It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR posts on literacylove – these posts are great book talks on popular kid lit.  My reading brain (and my Amazon account) thank you for the inspiration.

Nerdy Book Club (facilitated by @donnalynnbooks, @colbysharp, and @CBethM)– a collection of talented bloggers who share their passion for books, books, and more books!  I often sit in awe and envy at the reading power of the people who contribute to this blog.  I have particularly enjoyed the Nerdy Awards as sources of great texts for kids. Once again, Amazon and I thank you.

Michaels Read – this is the Michaels’ (Sr. and Jr.) journey of reading the whole library!  This blog appeals to me as a parent who loves to read with her boys.  I think it proves the point of book love in the classroom often starts at home.

Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension by Pernille Ripp (@pernilleripp)– an honest look at the things that matter most.  Often I feel our lives are parallel in many ways, and this blog leaves me feeling personally connected to all aspects of my life.

The School Admin Virtual Mentor Program (#SAVMP) blog – great questions and ideas followed by great sharing and more ideas.  Thank you to George Couros (@gcouros) for initiating this program.  I have met some great people through this program and connections on Twitter.

I will wrap this up by giving a shout out to the blogger and blog that inspired this post in the first place: Principals In Training by Eric Saibel.  His posts are humble and inspiring reflections on teaching, learning, and life.  He even thought it was worthwhile to include my opinions in one of his posts, which is such an honour.  It has been a treat getting to know him through his blog and chats on Twitter.

I know that there is more to discover, and I actually haven’t mentioned all the great blogs that I follow.  (I’m trying to get this posted and get my house ready for New Year’s Eve company tonight!).  I keep getting fabulous recommendations all the time.  Perhaps a resolution will be to carve a set amount of time out of my schedule to just read and reflect on the blogs of my colleagues around the world.  I know for sure that I will be posting more regularly, adding my journey to the countless inspiring reflections of people around the world.

I love being a part of #EdBlogs2013 in my own small way.


One thought on “My Top Choices for #EdBlogs2013

  1. It is MY honor to have incredible people like you and @davidtedu contribute to this fledgling idea. What a great New Year’s Eve gift! I’m very excited for the many intersections & experiences to come in 2014. Eric

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